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Content Marketing is the Future!

Content Marketing – Make it Work For Your Company’s Success!

Your starting situation:

Many consumers, and not only the Generation Right-Here-Right-Now, are increasingly “immunized” against traditional marketing strategies. They subscribe to paid streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon to avoid TV commercials. They ignore print advertisements and are now surfing so routinely through the net that the banners and buttons plastered all over it do not even provoke a mild reaction except for an opt-out. Thought leaders and marketing experts have long understood that the efficiency and success of traditional push marketing are currently dwindling at a breath-taking pace.

“The era of classic push advertising is coming to an end,” said Ercin Filizli, CDO of the full service digital agency VUCX: “Consumers are completely oversaturated by traditional marketing measures – and at the same time looking for high-quality content that offers identification value, conveys knowledge and provides a concrete, personal value recognizable to the customer.”

The end of the classic marketing era heralds a new age: content marketing is “the (next) big thing”.

Content marketing has been around for quite some time now.It has been going through various transformations. Starting from the area of branded content to the post sponsored posts area with influencer marketing – the current big fuss.

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