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Content Marketing is the Future!

Content Marketing – Make it Work For Your Company’s Success!

Your starting situation:

Many consumers, and not only the Generation Right-Here-Right-Now, are increasingly “immunized” against traditional marketing strategies. They subscribe to paid streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon to avoid TV commercials. They ignore print advertisements and are now surfing so routinely through the net that the banners and buttons plastered all over it do not even provoke a mild reaction except for an opt-out. Thought leaders and marketing experts have long understood that the efficiency and success of traditional push marketing are currently dwindling at a breath-taking pace.

“The era of classic push advertising is coming to an end,” said Ercin Filizli, CDO of the full service digital agency VUCX: “Consumers are completely oversaturated by traditional marketing measures – and at the same time looking for high-quality content that offers identification value, conveys knowledge and provides a concrete, personal value recognizable to the customer.”

The end of the classic marketing era heralds a new age: content marketing is “the (next) big thing”.

Content marketing has been around for quite some time now.It has been going through various transformations. Starting from the area of branded content to the post sponsored posts area with influencer marketing – the current big fuss.

But what exactly is content marketing?

“Content marketing is a marketing technique that strives to inform the target group with informative, advisory and entertaining content in order to convince them of a particular company and its range of services or a brand, and to win or keep them as customers.” (Source: Wikipedia)

This is only one of myriads of definitions. They mostly have in common that the aim of content marketing is to attract or retain customers by creating relevant and high-quality content – and to influence their consumption behavior in a profitable way. It is a process that should be consistently integrated into the overall marketing strategy by progressive companies to achieve sustainable success in the future.

Basically, content marketing is easy to summarize:

The trick is to communicate with your (potential) consumers without clumsily and obviously pandering to them. Instead of “pushing” your products and messages to your customers, you will be able to provide them with valuable information through content marketing, which will give them a personal benefit. Ideally, customers will clearly reward this knowledge delivery through brand consideration, consumption and long-term brand loyalty.

The majority of global players are already convinced of the immense opportunities of content marketing. But they also have burnt a lot of money by finding out what is not applicable. Many brands have successfully implemented it in their overall strategy – including well-known companies such as Lego, Under Armor or Red Bull. But medium-sized and small companies are also increasingly focusing on marketing driven by high-quality content and the telling of interesting stories across channels. Why? Because it works!

Content is the present and future of marketing

The difference between content marketing and the large majority of traditional advertising that customers are now routinely overburdened can be summarized by two terms: relevance and added value. Companies provide their customers with continuous and extensive information, but most of it turns out to be irrelevant and completely worthless. At this point, content marketing comes into play: good content tailored to the specific interests of a specific target group can be used to break out of the rut of generic marketing messages – and encourage the recipients to continue reading, reflect and, in the long run, positively change consumer behavior. Or just park your brand in the relevant setup parking lot of the consumers brain. In an ideal case, successfully implemented content marketing can mean that customers are even looking forward to their new (marketing) content – and engage with it in an extensive, interested and intensive way.

Our expert tip for you: take advantage of the outstanding opportunities that content marketing offers to your company! But don’t get lost in the jungle of opportunities. Tell exciting stories THAT MATTER TO YOUR CUSTOMERS on all relevant channels and tie current and future customers to your brand(s) with high-quality content.

VUCX content marketing experts can help you find the right strategy for your brand and achieve your goals: with many years of experience, fresh and budget-optimized ideas as well as the know-how from many successfully implemented projects in, among others, the fields of video production, motion graphics, digital media and online marketing.

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