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Let’s face it – one of the biggest pleasures in life is food. I have made this conclusion long time ago and now I also made this:


























to help you imagine what I can’t avoid while being at VUCX.

It’s either somebodies b-day, somebody just came back from vacation, left for it or maybe they are just in the good mood, because they don’t stop bringing all sorts of sweets (reading illustration from the left to the right) to the office:

-Schoko cake

-Cheese cake

-Apple pie

-Walnuss/Honig cake


-Schwarzwälder Kirsch




-“Lemon cake”

-Water melon


And all sort of ice – cream!!!!! Which in the hot summer days is the best treasure. Probably I still forgot to mention something, but those ones I have tried and once you are involved in VUCX I can assure that besides professional experience you will have some great food experience as well.

I don’t really want to make you jealous guys, but we had some Arabic food couple of weeks ago…















And besides regular working hours that working people have to survive we also get some treats such as a great afternoon in the park while bbq’ing things, playing volleyball, chatting and drinking beers.




















Beer, by the way, is not such a surprise on Fridays after work. Obviously because it’s Germany and Germans are fans of their beer, so when the account manager comes to you and asks: Trinken?

You just got to say: Ja, bier.

Cheers! Have a yummy week!