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What is it all about?

I thought by now I would be able to tell you what VUCX is all about, but you know what? Even the people working over a year as freelancers here can’t tell you exactly. It’s always about different projects and that’s why it is so interesting!

Before coming to Cologne I did some sneaking on Vision and so I had some basic idea about the company itself. It is pretty clear when you visit the website that it is not just about moving images or just printed media. It is crossmedia.

I always get this question: what is crossmedia?

Well… It is something when the flow is going on in different creative fields like corporate design, logo design, web design, IT, communication design, even trade fair & exhibition design as well as consumer goods design concepts. It means that it is necessary to have different skills and different ideas to be able to combine and use them in any given task. Yes, that’s what I call crossmedia.

It somehow becomes essential while campaigns get more complex and it helps for marketers, publishers, printers, web developers, graphic designers, motion designers and others make sense and unlock the power of crossmedia. I think the most unusual thing for me is how once a company is a crossmedia and you are insider it is straight in your face that people over there are all the time busy with something, but you are not really sure with what.

One is editing photo for the website while another one is maintaining that website. The other one is busy with creating a new ad for the same compaign which also wanted a stand in the fragrance shop. Then somebody is making a small movie for the client which apparently now needs a new icon for that movie and the website. And so I think it’s great that a website, a movie and an icon can be created in the same office by different people. That’s how you learn and get broader view.

So when you are crossmedia designer it doesn’t surprise you anymore that one person comes over with the web design project asking to make a photo black and white with some red and blue elements, another person shows you a stand for the shop and without explaining you kind of understand that it has to be like this and not like that. It also doesn’t surprise you ending up after a work having conversations about how important is to back up things… And how 3D printers are going to conquer the world.

It already feels that I am involved. Starting with the small things that are part of the bigger thing coming and that’s somehow amazing.

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