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The creative process

Sands Films Olivier Stockman on the non-digital creative research process

“It all starts with the visual…”

Olivier Stockman, Head of Sands Films London

This interview is from the year 2012 and couldn’t be more up-to-date. Why?

Our whole world got even more digital over the past 12 months. With the ease of a click, you find tons of inspiration via Google, Pinterest, and thousands of other services, for example, TikTok. With the arrival of artificial intelligence, these even got more powerful. On top of that, you find endless tools to “optimize” almost everything. You can find endless checklists, growth hacking advice, a.i. driven generators or online courses for every thinkable aspect of your business.

What does this mean for agencies’ creativity and purpose?

I was on an image film production in London, and we had the pleasure of filming interviews on the stage of the Sands Film art theatre.

Sands Film is a studio, a creative environment, a costume manufactory specializing in historical costumes, a theatre, and much more. They created costumes for productions like Harry Potter or Taboo. 

Olivier talks about the studio and their work in general. One of the most fascinating insights he shared is the non-digital creative research process.

He explains why non-Googlish creative research and physical inspirational process are essential for finding ideas. And what it does to you and your creative inspiration.

I couldn’t agree more with this. It reminds me of how I find inspiration. And why we have a physical library in our agency loft with tons of new and old fashion, lifestyle, and tech magazines, and books. And some cozy corners to read and find some quietness.

Find the interview with Olivier Stockman from Sands Film in full length here.