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My favorite projects

It has been almost half a year I am working as an intern at VUCX. I have to say it was a pleasant experience so far but challenging at the times. I have been doing a lot of small internal things from printing out my own business cards, so I can get in to the VIP REGIELOUNGE 44:DÜSSELDORF event.

Doing a lot of info-graphics, which to be honest I hated at my institute but I started to like at VUCX.

Pimping up company’s logo for different occasions: Carnaval, Easter, Bank holiday.

And creating a pop- up card for a newborn of the colleague.















I also did get involved into this, which is a Tippspel logo adjustment.

Tippspel is an inside VUCX soccer fan network allowing to score points every time you guess right about the winning soccer team and at the same time win yourself a bet, go to semi- final, final and score more points!

Besides those, I got to participate in some big projects as well. There were quite a lot of them but I will mention only my 3 favorite ones.




I will start with number three, which is:

3. Auping Queen’s Day

Queen’s day as we know is an important “orange” holiday in The Netherlands when people bring different stuff on the streets to sell, exchange, go on the boats singing and dancing, and simply celebrate day and night.

VUCX as a full service agency in this day decided to make something special for its client Auping – the largest independent Dutch bed manufacturer. Normally VUCX is responsible for the online marketing and printed media for Auping all over the Germany but for Koninginnedag there was an event, which took place in Auping Plaza Dusseldorf and had a Queen walking the Konigsalle,

some food  and some balloons

and some chalk graffiti on the ground leading to the Auping plaza












Everything covered in orange just like on the Queens day in The Netherlands!

It was all about popularizing Auping name in the city of Dusseldorf and reminding German people about Queens day celebrated in the neighbourhood country.

For me personally it is really moving to see people doing their best in the sphere they are working and I think marketing guys this time did a great job in a brand promotion. Auping is a brand with a royal sign, it is Dutch and it makes a totally perfect sense to dive into the guerilla marketing and ambient design on Koninginnedag. Besides that, guys were promoting it all over the social media channels like facebook, twitter, etc.

While I was supporting them in making banners, placing text on the balloons and trying out chalk graffiti.

2.Procter & Gamble

Number two is the first big P&G project I was involved into. VUCX works a lot with fragrance brands like Hugo Boss, Bruno Banani, Lacoste, etc. Sometimes it’s just retouching photo, sometimes making a strategic mood-board and then there are times when you got to produce 17 marketing and event videos within 2 weeks!

We have got projects with them ever since I came to the company and long time ago, too bad most of them are confidential and I can not talk about them here but there was one of the projects which, well, looked crazy to me at the time, cause I was a newcomer and had such a responsibility like prepare data for printing.

In the end it all went great – floor merchandiser and counter cards were done and went all over Germany, client was happy and we did our job while connecting design super powers.















And here it comes – the 1st place. I thought of 150 slides presentation I have made for P&G sounds about right, but NO!


TV commercial for Billiger-mietwagen wins.

For me as an intern it is super exciting every new project we get and every meeting we do. So the one for Billiger-Mietwagen also was! We got a task to produce a 20sec.TV commercial for the biggest rental car intermediary in Germany.

So we got to brainstorm, discuss ideas, visualize it













present it to the client and then  after make off













it went on the TV.

The feeling when you know you were a part of the winning idea is amazing!