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Folder structure for film projects and motion graphics projects

Folder structures are very important. We believe that the creative process needs structures and conventions.

Therefore we created various standards for our diverse divisions. So all relevant information is easy traceable and identifiable. This ensures that the (correct) stored files can be easy located, identified and retrieved from our server in a timely manner by all team members. Our digital division has different standards than for example the film division. We are constantly reviewing our standards and discussing ideas and review best practices. We believe that failing to establish such standards will lead to chaos, time and productivity loss. Well – after all we are a Ger(rrr)man agency. I’ll open the VUCX insights door for you and present how we organized folder structures for our film diVISION (how we call our various departments). Read more & check out the graphics…

A common question is how to organize the folders for commercial film projects as well as motion graphics projects. We tested a lot of variations. To achieve consensus is a process which we monitor and discuss with the whole team periodically. Currently we are working with following folder structure.

folder structure for film + motion graphics projects

Communicating this structure to all team members is essential. Our Wiki does a pretty good job but it also needs additional face to face training as well. To stray away from these conventions seem to be a natural given talent to most of the humans. Therefore constant training and monitoring is a must.