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First week at VUCX

We, me and Lui (new italian office buddy),

have got a first day at VUCX a week ago. It was quite confusing, with so many new names to remember from the head of office till the dogs runing around, but also great! The office is filled with such an atmosphere that it seems everybody has got a shot of happiness before coming to work.

I don’t know how does it work but once you step in here you can immediatly feel the relaxed, friendly, creative and open office vibe, make a cup of coffee whenever you want and plate of pasta for lunch, for example. Also I have been told that every crazy idea coming up to your mind is to be visualized and made happen by the people here and hi end film, photo & video equipment held in the technic room.

As from the point of view who am I and what I am doing here: I am an intern coming from Lithuania trying to get better idea of what working in the creative field means. So far I have been doing some presentations – simply putting things together, helping with some layouts for the upcoming Easter sales brochure for Lyoness and retouching couple of photos as well as pimping up an old logo to the new one!

The new logo which got a carnival spirit, because Cologne, Germany’s fourth – largest city and one of the major European metropolitan areas, is all about carnival these days. And so the office is!

Getting dressed, preparing bags for candies and mind for the party from the early morning till the other early morning in Cologne’s carnival which is one of the largest street festivals in Europe.

So what we did – we prepared a new log



and ourselves


with the great help of Marissa who appears to be brilliant in make – up field too

and went for the carnival celebrations. It was a great first experience in such an event. Never thought Germany can get as crazy as it does in those couple of days. But once its finished you have got to come back to reality.

So here we are – back to the office ready to deal with the new challenges!